Responsa won the Lamarck Award at Smau Padova

The Lamarck Award takes its name from the French naturalist Jean Baptiste Lamarck and is a prestigious award given by Smau, the most important ICT trade in Italy, in partnership with Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs Division, to the best local startups that bring change and economic innovation to our territory with their projects. This initiative is at its second edition and has the goal of inspiring the new generations to do business and research in their own country.

This year the winner is Responsa, an H-FARM startup that realized an interactive Q&A area that can be integrated into a company website and Facebook page through a widget. Their widget is an evolution of the static and little functional “FAQ” pages that you often find in a web platform.

Responsa was awarded yesterday morning at Smau Padova in the presence of Enrico Berto, President of Veneto Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs Division and Rodolfo Cetera, President of  Padova Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs Division.