Daniele, Marco, Nicola and Valeria are the team behind FOOID, an app that has the goal of promoting food well-being and awareness. They came up with the idea after a university project and are now taking part in the intensive incubation program H-CAMP.

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  • What is FOOID and how does it work?

FOOID is a mobile and web app offering food awareness services. It has the goal of helping the users while they do grocery shopping, but not just that: it also gives them more understandable and detailed info about nutrition facts; it warns what foods are incompatible with intolerances, allergies, religious restrictions, personal tastes and diets; it suggest alternative products and related recipes. It also let users manage their profiles, their food habits and their grocery list.

  • How did you access the incubation program H-CAMP?

 We already knew H-FARM and Marco already took part in some events and workshops held here, so he suggested that we submitted our project. In January we made up our minds, sent the application and… here we are!

  • What made you think “It’s a good idea!” and go on with the project?

The idea came from a university research project carried on by University of Milano-Bicocca and other local universities in 2012. That research had the goal of defining a methodology to develop high-value food services; we identified the real needs of the users and conceived the idea of a smart nutrition label. Once the project was completed, we focused on the most important aspects that had come to light and decided to go on, supported by the University of Milano- Bicocca. We have been also driven by the difficulties of understanding the nutrition facts and by the growing awareness of conscious consumption dynamics.

  • How did you meet and how is the team structured?

Our idea was born at university, from a project that each one of us was involved in. Nicola is the mobile developer and Daniele the web developer. Marco is the CEO and a developer, too.  Valeria takes care of the user experience and the marketing aspects.

  • What is the most innovative aspect of your service and what is your business model?

We think that this app can help people make the right choice while they do grocery shopping, especially if they have food needs and/or must follow particular restrictions. FOOID helps customers save time and gain awareness. Our business model is B2B: we address high-quality food retail chains such as Eataly and NaturaSì and propose them a customized version of the app. Now we are targeting high-spending users well aware about food consumption.

  • What is the biggest challenge you are facing? 

Creating and managing the database of the products, ingredients, recipes and additives is difficult and, since we don’t have entered in business agreements with food chains yet, this kind of activity is the most challenging for us right now. However, another startup, Klappo, is going to help us in this phase.

  • How and where do you see yourselves in three years?

We have many ideas to make FOOID grow. We’d like to build a startup ecosystem in the agricultural and food sector, but we are exploring other solutions, too. We are young and full of energy, after all! In a few years… Valeria would like to open a farm holiday B&B with many animals and great food, of course. Marco would like to be surfing in California all day long, Nicola would like to travel all over the world and Nicola to travel all over the space! But first, we have to get rich :)