H-FARM and UBI Index

UBI Index is a Stockholm-based research initiative that has developed a comprehensive benchmark of business incubators from all over the world, in order to a realize a performance analysis of these incubators and help them become more efficient and competitive. Every year, UBI Index presents three rankings of the best international incubators that are university managed, affiliated or non affiliated.

We are very proud to have ranked number 2 in the Global Top 10 University Associated Business Incubators, affiliated with Ca’ Foscari University of Venice!

The ranking took into consideration three macro categories (value generated for the ecosystem, value generated for the clients and the degree of attractiveness) with seven subcategories, plus 67 performance indicators. We distinguished ourselves for the value generated by creating jobs, new companies and networks of investors. Nuvolab and we are the only Italian incubators selected and we were chosen among more than 800 international incubators.

Here is our co-founder Maurizio Rossi thanking UBI Index’s team with a video message: