Kinnernet Italy August 7-10

In this first weekend of August, H-FARM is the scene of the first edition of Kinnernet Italy, a 3-days, by invitation only, unique and exclusive event realized for the first time in Italy. Conceived in 2003 by Yossi Vardi, one of the forerunners of innovation and technology in Israel, today Kinnernet is one of the main events that attract leading figures from all over the world.

H-FARM has opened its doors to over 120 people of different nationalities and profiles (digital entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, opinion leaders, technology and media experts, etc.) such as Mel Rosenberg (microbiologist known for his research on the diagnosis and treatment of halitosis), Peter Hirshberg (Silicon Valley executive, entrepreneur and marketing specialist, Orly Shani (fashion designer), Steffi Czerny (co-founder of DLD (Digital-Life-Design) Conference), in addition to John Philips (U.S. Ambassador to Italy) and Naor Gilon (Israeli Ambassador to Italy).

The event format is the (un)conference, where every participant is asked to contribute by creating content and collaborating in different scheduled sessions, in order to encourage debate, discussion, interaction and creativity among the participants. A totally different way, compared to traditional conferences, to meet and discuss many topics such as Big Data, crowdfunding, economics, 3D prints, film-making, etc. Involved in a series of interactive lectures and workshops conceived directly by them, guests also take part in a series of off-site activities to discover Venice, our territory and our traditions.

A dynamic, fun and exciting event that will help create new connections among the main international protagonists of innovation and lay the foundations for a new reflection on the future of the Internet, communication and the media. Kinnernet Italy offers a different perspective on the way of looking at the world we live in, giving the participants the opportunity to understand the impact of this change on our lives.